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IT Services, System & Network Administration, Server Management, IT Infrastructure, Application Administration

M- SaaS

Managed Software Application as Service for Business, Industries and Enterprises


Full SDLC Services on Microsoft, Java, Open Source Platform for Cloud, Edge, Desktop and Mobile Application


End to End Enterprise Solutions for Government, State Owned Enterprise and PSU
Manoj Agrawal
CEO & Founder
Enabling IT Since 1991

Innovative IT Solutions

End to End, One to One
We bring life to Your Idea of Digital Transformation. We innovate and implement it to see Your Success. We develop Enterprise Application, Integrate your IT & OT and manage your IT Infrastructure to achieve Your Operational Excellence. We are your Trusted Growth Partner.
Advantage E Connect

We can turn our multi-domain experience to your advantage

Bhuvnesh Jain
Head of Productsr
Serving across more than 25 industry verticals has exposed us to more than 500+ business processes, allowing us to benefit from cross-industry best practices.”
About E Connect

Our Enterprise Solutions are Serving Industries, State-Owned Enterprises and Government Departments

We are a full spectrum IT Solution provider, offering a comprehensive range of services in hardware, software, networking, and security, as well as integrating shop floor and top floor systems.
Who We Are

We Connect & Deliver

Enabling IT Since 1991 and based in the city of Udaipur, we are a team of 500+ intrapreneurs, engineers, leaders and team members providing end-to-end IT solutions and helping our customer with their digital transformation.
Products, We Offer

Enterprise products for every applications

ERP, Applicant Tracking, Citizen Services & Service Support, Customer Support, Auction, Loans and other products cover the entire spectrum of enterprise business processes. We have various ROI models to cater to your business needs
Services, We Provide

Many ways to address your Business Challenge

We offer Enterprise Application Development and End-to-End Managed Services for all of IT Infrastructure categories, including Hardware, Server Software, Cloud, Networking and Database. We have a variety of models to cater to your requirements.
Working on hundreds of projects with a wide range of objectives, sizes, and technologies has taught us how to quickly master new skill sets
Mukesh Vyas
Head of Human Resource
Resources, budgets, timelines, and people are different in each organization, and so is the solution to its business challenges. Keeping this in mind, we have various offering models to cater to your business's needs
Rajendra Chouhan
Head of Software Delivery
Businesses, We Serve

Government & Enterprises

We serve Governments and Enterprises and State Owned Enterprises of all sizes in various industry domains-
Impact, we are making

Enabling Good Governance

We have successfully implemented hundreds of E Governance projects where million of citizens are using our application enabling Good Governance.
Why Us

Diversified Experience in Industry Verticals

Serving across more than 25 industry verticals has given us exposure to more than 500+ business processes, which enables us to leverage from cross-industry best practices.
With our strong business processes, endorsed by CMMI L5, we leave no reason to ensure that you are in good company.

Trust is built with consistency

Hundreds of customers trust us when it comes to End to End IT Solutions
Jaimin Patel
Chief Business Officer & Founder
We are consistently delivering business value to our customers, and enabling them to excel and win in the emerging e- Economy

Our Customers

Happy customers are our advocates
and have become our became most successful sales team

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